Our story has always been one of community.

Almost two decades have passed since we opened Quince in a small Victorian townhouse in Pacific Heights. In that intimate space, we were blessed to have met many of you for the first originally as dedicated regulars and then as friends.

Over years and many shared experiences, those personal connections solidified to create something more: a deep sense of fellowship and community. This group of endlessly curious patrons, passionate farmers and cooks, and dedicated caring staff has become foundational to our success. The supporters and collaborators of Quince, Cotogna and Verjus have helped nurture and form us, our teams, and our businesses.

Now, we are formalizing that community into Quince & Co. And we invite you to join us.

Chef Tusk talking to guests in the Quince kitchen
“When meals become beloved stories, they are conjured, retold and embellished, and the experience returns twofold. Pleasure not only comes from the food itself, but from the meal being a part of something greater.”

Thank you.

We received an overwhelming amount of interest in the Quince & Co. membership program, and for the moment, we are fully subscribed.

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